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Name: Where My Dreams Grow
Release year: 2015 (release date July 24!)
Price: 150 SEK
Contains the following songs:

1.The Meadow, 2. Leave This Body, 3. Sometimes, 4. You Aint Getting Any Younger, 5. If This Was A Love Story, 6. Be The Change, 7. Everything Must Pass, 8. We Create The World, 9. Free Me, 10. A Summernight, 11.Orange

About the album: Where My Dreams Grow was recorded in studio Lärkskogen and studio Kobra in Stockholm by my dear friend and music producer Markus Eriksson. The songs were written during three years of roaming around the outer and inner world searching for answers. Some of the songs are written in South America, on a trip of which many things could be said. The opening song The Meadow is about a meadow were I used to play as a kid. Orange was written in a mountain lodge in Norway where I worked for a month. Leave This Body is inspired by shamanic traditions, which I had the privilege to get to know a little bit during my trip to South America.

Musicians: Erik Wennergren (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, ukulele, electric guitar, tambourine) Erwin Marklund (drums, percussions), Stina Wahlén (backing vocals, lead vocals), Fredrik Björns (electric & acoustic guitar, pedal steel, xylophone, backing vocals) Markus Eriksson (keyboard, backing vocals, bass), Björn Lundström (tuba)

Name: Tales From The Earth
Release year: 2012
Price: 150 SEK
Contains the following songs:

1. You Don't Have To Shoot, 2. Mountain Song, 3. River Of Dreams, 4. Why Not, 5. Miss You, 6. Ghetto Way, 7. At Night, 8. Better Than Before, 9. Planet B

About the album: Tales From The Earth was recorded in Home Studio in Revsund by Gustav Hylén. This is my first album as a solo artist. I was looking out on the world and saw many injustices. The first song You Don't Have To Shoot is about the swedish weapons industry and Planet B is about the protests at Cop 15 (a big environmental conference in Copenhagen in 2009). I had started traveling and wrote some of the songs in India.

Musicians: Erik Wennergren (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, bass) Erwin Marklund (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Stina Wahlén (backing vocals), Fredrik Björns (electric & acoustic guitar, pedal steel, mandolin, backing vocals) Gustav Hylén (trumpet, accordion, acoustic guitar)

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